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Photo project «Youth» includes portraits of young people in Minsk and explores their relationship with the city.

Darya, Officers’ House Hall
When I met Darya, she was already rushing somewhere, without giving herself a chance even to arrive first. She was like a stream of wind – fresh, strong and unstoppable.  
- So we are ready? Well, let's begin. Oh, no let me smoke first.
I usually come here to make a call, have coffee, wait for a friend, smoke a cigarette. For me, the platform behind the House of Officers is an express power bank, a place of rapid recovery. I race over here for 15 minutes and usually stay for a minimum of 40, which feels like 2 hours.
First of all, here I feel as suspended as possible. It's like I 'm being placed in a grey box of columns, stucco, and another decor. They give you a chance to look at the city and get some breath. Get some rest, baby girl they say.

Secondly, well, it's a powerful place, guys, powerful. Here I feel the city as much as possible. I'm in the heart of it but protected. I don't hear cars, but I know what they are, here behind the wall, I feel it. I don't see people, but they're waiting for me around the corner, all you have to do is solemnly get down that ladder. For me, time here stops, but I know exactly when I should leave.

And for the third, well it's a beautiful place, guys, beautiful. I like to come here in overcast weather when the sky gets the color of these walls, truly grey and the air is really cold. That's when it's truly solemn, quiet, calm. Everything I love and what's missing, it's all here. Then Darya notices a bench that is about to be thrown away or maybe already is. Let me sit and smoke here, and take a pic, all this rubbish suits me well.

Рабкина - Молодость 3.jpg
  • In 2019 this work was exhibited at the collective photography exhibition “Youth” at Background, Minsk, Belarus.

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