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Participant at the Art Residence about Female Portrait in Activism "Her Deed". Exhibitions in Lviv and Dnepr (Ukraine)

Founder of Hedonist Club Odessa

Speaker and mentor at the Festival of Contemporary Art – Mykolaiv Art Week: CONNECT

Participant at the Art Residence "Artivism&Solidarity" – Social Illustration and Public Art Department


​ Speaker of EASA - European Architecture Student Assembly


Speaker and mentor of art accelerating program "ART-Spaika"

Personal Course on Content Marketing for SMM.School

Speaker at Self Care Festival

Pitching Mentor for Social Weekend


Tutor at KIDS-MBA School of Business Education for Teenagers

Head of Content and Communication Team at Urban Art Festival Vulica Brasil

Director of the interactive larp-play "The Critics"

Inclusive LARP-project "Blind City"

Speaker at TEDx – Life Gamification: LARPS

Photo Exhibition "Motion to Emotion"

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