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"Motion to emotion" series can be regarded as a personal diary, as a memo for
a traveler, and as an alternative map of the world.

As a sentimental person and I really want to remember as much as possible all the happy moments that happen to me, and, accordingly, to share this happiness.
I want to remember exactly the details - what I did, what I planned, how I felt.
I want to have a chance to emotionally absorb my experience and recreate one
day in another city through the things in my bag. No matter how hard we try,
in the turmoil of days and an eventful life, the memory of travel is gradually
erased,and with the help of these detailed photographs you can go back in time.

The final photo series consists of 25 photos in different cities
from 18 countries shot in 2013-2016.

RABKINA ELENA - Graz Residency2_edited.jpg
RABKINA ELENA - Graz Residency_edited.jpg
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