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Here you can find information about courses, lectures and workshops that I've created, as well as some videos from speeches. My main areas of expertise are: marketing, copywriting, gamification, larps, public speaking, creative thinking and team work.


ERASMUS+ Development and Promotion of Personal Brand

Speaker at the Erasmus+ Training Course for Educators from Austria, Lithuania, Poland and Greece "Going out there".

It was dedicated to the building a personal brand and presenting your competences to the world. I developed a step-by-step educational program and was reading lectures and running workshops on Self Brand Unpacking, Content Marketing, Communication Strategy, Content Planning, Visual Content Creation, Video and Pitching. I also had a chance to run #IamRemarkable program there. The student made progerss in development of an authentic personal brand from zero to having a 6-month plan.

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Red Cross: Planning and time management

Training for the Odessa Red Cross team. The training covers the following topics: the principles of time management, the difference between working and being busy, planning problems, procrastination, effective time management methods, chronotypes. Odessa, Ukraine.


The #IamRemarkable initiative was created by Google and is designed to help women and vulnerable social groups present themselves and their competencies to the world. During the workshop, participants develop the skills to talk about themselves, learn to appreciate their achievements, and support each other in the work environment. Odessa, Ukraine.

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Lecture on the presentation of the project and public speaking for leaders of public initiatives in the accelerator "Leaders of New Belarus". Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Training for the Odessa Red Cross team. The training covers the following topics: the principle of teamwork, social roles, methods of improving efficiency, teamwork in stressful situations. Odessa, Ukraine.


How to practice selfcare

Lecture on self-care and presentation of board game about burnout "I'm fine" for the Belarusian Picnic in Krakow, Poland.


Lecture on cocreation and teamwork for the Contemporary Art Festival "CONNECT", which is implemented by the MyART Platform with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.​ Nikolaev, Ukraine.


SKLAD - Course on online education for teachers

One of the speakers of the course for teachers "Introduction to online learning". Modules "Basics of course design" and "Creating a course online".


Project approach and the life cycle of the project

Lecture "Project approach and project life cycle" at an art laboratory in Poland.


EASA - Belarus 

Lecture "Creative process in teamwork" at EASA - Belarus (European Assembly of Student Architects).​


Video course consisting of 7 lessons on content marketing. The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in the subject of content and its promotion on the Internet. The course program considers types of content, work with the target audience, content strategy, content creation itself, design and promotion.

See the course


How to Work in a Team 

Webinar "How to work in a team" for the "Art Spike" accelerator from Collabex, designed to unite artists of different directions into art groups to create a joint multidisciplinary art object. Minsk, Belarus.


Mentor on pitching at the competition of projects and initiatives at Social Weekend 

Lecture + mentor session for the teams of the largest competition of social projects in Belarus "Social Weekend". Minsk, Belarus.


Tutor at the Kids MBA School

The educational program from Deti MBA is part of a summer camp for teenagers on the Baltic Sea. The program is aimed at developing leadership potential, creative thinking, a creative approach to solving problems, a conscious choice of a professional path, as well as entrepreneurial skills. Gdansk, Poland.


Content strategy for NGOs, social and cultural projects

Workshop + mentor sessions for NGO workers and authors of social and cultural projects on how to start preparing for online communication; how to build an effective communication strategy; how to structure a "readable text"; how to motivate the reader to action; what mistakes should be avoided; how to communicate with volunteers, sponsors and media. Minsk, Belarus


How to build online communication for NGO?

Lecture within the educational project Erasmus+ "Go Online" for youth workers in Europe. Luxebourg.


The Art of Pitching

Speaker and mentor of the "School of Young Entrepreneurs". Gave a lecture and workshop "The Art of Pitching", and also held individual coaching sessions. Minsk, Belarus.


How to travel solo as a female?

Talk at the Live Library project on how to plan a trip, look for accommodation, spend the winter, find interesting experiences in new countries as a female. Minsk, Belarus.


Role plays and activism: how to create and use?

Participation at Mediabarcamp Non-Conference with a workshop on creating games "Role-playing games and activism: how to create and use?". Lithuania.


Building Trust in the Game Process

Lecture and workshop for the conference of game designers "Orient Express". Main topics: the importance of trust in the gameplay, stages of trust that the group goes through, trust triggers of each stage, typology of workshops on trust, examples and experience. Belarus.

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Panel discussion on new paradigms of education (larps)

Sberbank University International Conference "More than Learning: Lifelong Learning for a New World of Work". Gave a talk about larps as an educational method for developing soft skills and emotional intelligence. Russia.

Watch the talk


The online lecture was one of the modules of The Startup Gamer digital entrepreneurship course. Main topics: the idea and essence of the brand, values, key characteristics, communication strategy, structural components, target audience research, triggers, brand personalization, competitor analysis.


Creating a zine about Minsk

Talk was prepared specifically for the project to create a zine about Minsk. Main topics: what we tell others about the city and how to show the city in the photo. Minsk, Belarus.


Zero Waste Marketing

Lecture and workshop designed specifically for Zero Waste Academy. The case-based lecture looks at various green marketing techniques and provides a checklist of ideas and principles to follow when building a marketing campaign. Also, the lecture touched on the importance of the unique selling proposition (USP) itself and the style of brand communication. The workshop is aimed at generating ideas and developing a sustainable business model within a green approach. Minsk, Belarus.

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RE:Post - How and Why to Participate in LARPs

Talk as part of the opening of the larp season and the RE:Post event. Main topics: what is the value of larps, what opportunities they create and why they should be used. Minsk, Belarus.


Mediabarcamp: How to rethink the urban environment with the help of art

Talk for the international non-conference Mediabarcamp. In which I described my experience as a photographer in participating in "Concrete Delusion" project, curated by Manuel Schroeder. Main topics: what is happening with Belarusian cities today, the idea of ​​the “Concrete Delusion” project, implementation and examples, the experience of the participants, and the presentation of my photo series “Moreless”, made within the framework of the project. Lithuanua.


Talk at TEDx. Main topics: the game as an evolutionary process, what is larp (live action role play), what larps are and how they can change the world.

Watch the talk


5 Pillars of Effective Online Communication

A series of lectures within the project "Your Social Startup" and the Belarusian-German partnership program held by Talaka crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform. The lecture is based on real cases and saturates social entrepreneurs with tools for effective interaction with the target audience, volunteers, and investors. Minsk, Belarus.


Travel Mobile Photography

Lecture on mobile photography for Travel Fest. Main topics: how to shoot on a mobile phone, specifics of travel photos, how to take interesting photos in everyday conditions, how to build photo series. Presentation of the 5-year-long photo project "Motion to Emotion". Zelenij Loog, Belarus.


Mediabarcamp: The Unique Language of Art with ikonoTV

Speech at non-conference Mediabarcamp. The speech was centered around the experience of the German TV channel ikonoTV. It is a mute television broadcasting "slow videos" of modern and classical art in order to develop the language of art on its own that doesn't need any mediator. In such a way one may at first feel the art, and then analyze and understand it. Lithuania.


Teaching at the School of Social Entrepreneurship

Teaching copywriting at the Talaka School of Social Entrepreneurship. Lectures tailored specifically to the needs of social entrepreneurs, touching on various aspects of the use of texts and tips for effective writing. Minsk, Belarus.


Как превратить слова в деньги? Секреты продающего текста

Lecture at the business conference Lipen.PRO. Main topics: working with the target audience, how to build a text so that it is remembered, argumentation and motivation, words-amplifiers, working with objections (how to sell a price and a product). Minsk, Belarus.


Creative Thinking Development

The lecture and workshop were prepared at the request of the platform for the development of socially significant projects Talaka and took place at the Gallery of Main topics: effective techniques for creative thinking of problems, different approaches to solving problems, generating ideas for a specific project. Minsk, Belarus.


Presentation and Public Speaking

The lecture was held at the creative cluster ME100. The main topics of the lecture: tuning to a specific audience, contact, building trust, personal delivery, phonetic techniques, working with the voice, non-verbal elements of communication, calmness, how to overcome fear and stress when speaking. Minsk, Belarus.


Selling and Persuasive Text

The lecture was held at the ME100 creative cluster and was aimed at startups and entrepreneurs. The main blocks of the lecture: signs of a selling text, secrets of a successful start, structure, argumentation, work with objections. Minsk, Belarus.


Course "How to present your project?"

The course took place at the creative cluster ME100 and consisted of three modules. At the course, step by step students learned how to construct the text and develop presentation skills. The third module was an intensive focused on individual work in a group of 10 people. Minsk, Belarus

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