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"Invisible people'' is an interactive photo-documentary project by Elena Rabkina, who was staying at Superbude as part of the "Artist in Residence" program and the "Question Me & Answer Art Residence".


Visitors are invited in an interactive way to discover the staff behind the scenes of the hotel and speculates on the topic of diversity, inclusion and labor migration in the environment of the Austrian hotel industry.​


“When I got to visit the employee cafeteria at Superbude - I was so impressed with the people there. There was such a diversity of cultures and ethnicities. There were people from countries I'd never met before, and everyone was so different and charismatic! So I decided to take a look behind the scenes at Superbude and pay my respects to the people who create it every day, as in most cases, multicultural staff remain unseen or fall into the blind spot”.

 The interactive photo series “Invisible People” took its permanent disposition at Superbude, Vienna. Please come and find the hotel workers that make this place amazing at -1 level.

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