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HER DEED, 2021,

  • This work was exhibited in 2021 at the main square of Lviv and Lviv Municipal Art Center, as well as in Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture, Ukraine in 2022.

Art Resindece Media Lab Fem brought together 10 Belarusian and 10 Ukrainian photographers. Each of us worked on the documentary photoseries about female activists and an interview or an essay.

I chose to tell the story of Daria Pugacheva, a performance artist,  who has returned to her hometown to take part in the first Contemporary Art Rivne art residency in Rivne. And was doing my photodocumentaty research living closely to her for the whole week of reading this project.

To draw attention to the condition of the fountains in the city, Daria performed "I will wake up when this fountain is filled." Residents of the city were also able to take part in the artwork, sharing their memories of the fountain and ideas about its future. And after the performance, Daria submitted a petition to the city hall calling for funds for the reconstruction of the fountain.

In the context of her performance, Daria shares her thoughts on the impact of art on people the urban space, and talks about the path of an artist.

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