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I was in Hong Kong as a tourist, I lived here a casual life, and at some point the question whether I am to move there or not became really sharp. So I wanted to figure out, how people that live there feel and what storylines Hong Kong has to offer. I asked people to bring me to their special place in Hong Kong for any kind of reason (where they feel the special way and which on has a special emotional connection to them) and explain why as simple as possible. And this is how photo series «City Inside» appeared.

«City Inside» bright together the stories of immigrants and locals, people of different nationalities, religions, physical abilities and allows to befriend Hong Kong through a joint experience. It focuses on subtle matter, on the context and value that we endow the environment around us. In part, this is a way to revitalize the city and create an opportunity to build relationships with it by reading what relationships the project participants have already built with it. And on the other hand, this is a way to build invisible connections with the participants in stories, because we walk the same streets and belong to a single whole space.

Immersing in stories, the reader has the opportunity to look inside the lives and experiences of the participants, to understand how different people see the city and what they value in it, to become someone else for a moment, which means they will come closer to understanding and acceptance. A city can be a very personal space, and it is the desire to personally relate to it and its inhabitants that can bring us closer, improve the emotional climate and the overall well-being of the space.

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