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art project by Elena Rabkina

About the project

The "14 Confessions of the Artist" is a public art project in the form of open diary that serves as an open diary, reflecting on the relevance of the artist's work and observations from the local community. The project is a continuation of the artist's previous work and research in Vienna during the "Question Me & Answer" art residency. Elena Rabkina works in the direction of documentary photography and interactive art, has a strong interest in the themes of mobility, personal journeys, and the connection between a newcomer and a settled community.

The focus of the project is on the life of artistic communities in the region of Ostrobothnia, with Elena Rabkina planning to engage the local community by inviting them to explore and reflect through dialogue and self-expression. The artist will be exploring the theme of confessions and documenting their journey through a personal open diary and photo series, with the aim of bringing the artistic community closer together and making their thoughts and observations visible to each other.

The project is centered around the idea that confessions are a powerful tool for self-expression, allowing artists and creatives to share their observations, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and open environment. It is also about building a stronger community through contribution, as feeling a part of a community is crucial to happiness and fulfillment. This project is a personal research of artistic communities in Vaasa and Ostrobothnia through anonymous confessions.


Why confessions?

"As an artist I believe that confession is a powerful tool for self-expression, allowing us to share our observations, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and open environment. It can also serve as a catalyst for discussion and understanding, helping to build stronger connections within our community.
This project is not only about self-expression, but also about building a stronger community through contribution, as according to psychological research, feeling a part of a community is significant to feeling happy and fulfilled. We as artists and activist often look out there, but it’s time to look inside."

photo_2023-02-06 14.52.46.jpeg

Elena Rabkina is a Belarusian artist and activist who combines her artistic, journalistic, and psychological background to create interactive pieces in the field of social illustration and public art. Her main topics include urbanism, social justice, migration, and activism. She has exhibited her work at various venues including the National Contemporary Art Center in Belarus, SÜDBAHNHOF fotografische Werke in Germany, and the Mark Rothko Art Center in Latvia. Elena is also a collaborator with various organizations such as Journalists for Tolerance, ABF, Austrian League for Human Rights, and the Red Cross.

If you are an artist or creative worker, please share
your anonymous confession that might become
a part of the project and exhibition later.

Confession can be a thought, opinion, observation or a secret that you want to share

We got your confession. Thank you!

Video about the first part of the project "14 Confessions to the City"

Interview with Elena Rabkina

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